During my first year at University, my parents were killed in a car crash. I dropped out of school to take care of my younger brothers, and I never regretted it. I worked while raising them, and went back to school once they were old enough to look after each other. They were good boys, but I was years behind my fellow classmates when I finally graduated. I was fortunate enough to find a company that would fast-track me, but part of the deal was that I would be moved frequently.

My brothers have long since finished school, and they have their own lives now. Both are married, and they’ve started families of their own. I knew I didn’t want to be tied down, so getting married was something I chose not to do. Whenever I dated someone, I let them know right at the beginning that I’m just looking for a short-term relationship. It worked out well until I met Stephen a week after I settled into my last job assignment.

He was working at a local restaurant, and we met when I got there just before closing one night. He sat with me while I ate, and we talked about many different things. He asked me out, and I went through my usual spiel. He said he was fine with a temporary romance, but neither of us counted on falling in love.

Last week I received my new job assignment, and I’ve been reassigned halfway around the world. When I told him, he said we’d be together again. I felt horrible about it, but he kept insisting we’ll be able to carry on our relationship. I don’t know if he’s willing to move with me, but I’ve explained that refusing to move will end my career. He’s told me each night we’re together to stop worrying, but I can’t help feeling I might be making the wrong choice of my career over love.